Yeah, 3D is the new fad. we jumped on the bandwagon… its easier said than done but also easier than you may think!

Did it with our homies Summer Darling who just released an amazing record on Origami Records. Perfect place to start: good friends. good people. good music.

We just posted it to youtube (and it embedded below) also, giving away an MP3  of the song below too! NOTE: 3D on youtube is super beta/alpha/whatever. it may be easiest jus to go to this link choose your and work it out. Embed could be a little funky for some people.

As a bonus for any of your super-recording geeks out there, in addition to filming in 3D we also multi-tracked the show right to an SD card via this new thing called the JoCo BlackBoxRecorder!!!

From what we can tell, this could be the first ever 24 track recording onto an SD card. JoCo themselves hadn’t tested it yet. The SD card-type that we used is super new too… We’re very excited about this and I’ll be expecting our call from Guinness book of world records soon… well, maybe just a nice Wikipedia mention… eh, hint, hint anyone wanna write that for us :)

Pro Sound News will be running an article on the whole thing this week. Links coming to this page soon!


Buy Me for only $5.50

After much hard work from everyone involved, we finally present you this epic hour and a half concert film + album. As Andy would put it, its “legendary.” Below is a little reflection from our dear friend and director Daniel Christiansen.


The first time I experienced Andy Clockwise was in an old makeshift bar lost in the Topanga Canyon. Lost in my own mind stumbling through the crowd to find the bathroom, I heard a voice say “Are you mother fuckers ready?” I stopped, forgetting about peeing, turned around and became captivated. Had I found a connection with the others in the crowd, with the universe, and with myself? Finally someone is not saying but singing what I could not say myself, but had wanted to say for so long. I kept taking out my iPhone to take pictures. I wanted to share the vacation with whom ever wanted to share an experience with me. Had I found something that excited me and generated prevalent questions that I had been ignoring for years? I wanted to talk about it more, I wanted to connect more, I just wanted more. So I called my friend KamranV and we called some of our friends and we all got together with Andy for one more night at club Spaceland where we able to address some of our ISSUES.


Dios: LIVE [Mondays (in Spaceland)] …our first time ever!

by KamranV June 14, 2010 Catalog

Buy Me for only $5.50 Some of you may or may not know this but doing what we do over here is a lot of hard work and once the production is done distributing the project how we want it is nearly impossible. Well, I’m here to tell you we finally got (very close) to […]

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HEALTH [at the Echoplex] WEBCAST at 11:00pm PST TODAY 6/8/10

by KamranV June 8, 2010 Uncategorized

last minute fun… our buddies from the Nine Inch Nails tour Health webcast LIVE from the Echoplex. come back here at 11pm. thx!

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Peanutbutter Wolf [at the NHM] WEBCAST at 8:30pm PST 6/4/10

by KamranV June 3, 2010 Uncategorized

Webcasting another amazing show with our partners at,, and! check back here from 8:30pm-10:30pm to watch it in that little screen to the right.

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